Terra Nova Results 2016-2017

Saint Cornelius students take the Terra Nova, a standardized test published by CTB-McGraw Hill, in the spring of each year.  Our administration, teachers, and staff are pleased to share with you the results of our National Terra Nova Tests which were taken in the Spring of 2017. Saint Cornelius students exceeded the norm in total scores by exceptional margins. We are so proud of the excellent efforts of Saint Cornelius students. This is a tribute to our teachers for helping our students achieve and experience such wonderful academic success.

The Terra Nova results for Saint Cornelius students indicate that, as in previous years, they had attained high levels of academic achievement on this nationally normed assessment. The administration and staff will use the data provided in the Terra Nova reports to identify strengths and challenge areas within the school’s instructional program. This data analysis will guide the administration and staff in their continuing efforts to provide Saint Cornelius students with a rigorous academic program in an atmosphere permeated with the Gospel message of love and service.