Mission Statement and Belief Statements


Living and learning the mission of Christ, Saint Cornelius School is an essential part of our parish ministry, empowering our students to develop spiritually, academically, physically, and morally as responsible stewards of God’s creation.

We at Saint Cornelius School believe that…

  • Each individual has unique gifts and talents needing to be discovered and developed within a joyful, loving environment.
  • Faith formation is a continuous collaboration between the school, family, and community.
  • We are here to practice the Catholic faith and witness Christ within ourselves and others
  • It is our responsibility to protect and keep our students safe.
  • Faith development is the responsibility of all and spiritually energizers and enriches the entire parish community.
  •  Instruction and assessment must provide for the diverse needs and abilities of all students.
  • Students are empowered to be positive and influential examples to the world.
  • It is our responsibility to stay current with educational changes in order to prepare our students to be productive members of the 21st Century society.
  • In the integration of technology throughout the curriculum in order to prepare our students for an ever-changing technological future.
  • Administration and teachers’ decisions are made with the students’ best interests in mind.
  • Our students are called to respectively serve their parish, school, and global communities.
  • As educators, we are called to exemplify Catholic values.